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Maternity Session Holland MI

Maternity Session  Holland MI

The Kern Family and I spent some time together last week to capture Christine’s Maternity Session in Holland MI.

We had a little hiccup during their maternity session. Sometimes, the right lighting for an outdoor photo session happens at the end of a long day for a 4-year-old. I usually have a few tricks in my bag to coach tired kiddos along during their session, but this little guy just wasn’t having it. His momma, Christine took him aside and the love and patience she had with him are characteristics of a great mother. I’ve been in her shoes before when your child isn’t cooperating, you have a goal in mind, and the behavior puts things at a stand still.

As an outsider to their family, it was a precious moment. The time taken to console her child was beautiful to me, and she shined so brightly while mothering her children.

Number 3

Maybe it’s because we had our third child less than a year ago, but spending time with them during their Maternity session really took me back to the weeks leading up to having baby number 3. The only difference is that we have all girls and they have all boys.

I can’t pinpoint the moment of when I finally felt like a had a handle on “mom-ing”. I was five years in with 2 kids and always second guessed myself.

Then my number 3 came along and I didn’t have time to second guess. Not that I really had much time for it with 2 kids, but with 3 kids you’re just forced to “do”. Not think, just do. My 5-year-old started calling “mom” more than “mommy” or “momma”. My middle child, who had been used to being the baby for four years, grew in her new “big sister” status. And I realized, that everything I had ever worried about with having 3 kids wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

In many ways, life is so much better than I could have imagined.

And I’m honored to be able to capture these moments for families.


Maternity Session Holland MI

Maternity Session Holland MI Maternity Session Holland MI
Maternity Session Holland MI