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It’s been a quiet time for Marc Photography. This time of year is so strange for me… May-December I hustle, hustle, hustle photographing weddings and families. Being a Grand Rapids wedding photographer means we travel a bit around West Michigan and after awhile I really look forward to my slow season. To be renewed. To think of new goals to work towards for the upcoming year. To rest. And I only need a couple of quiet weeks around Marc Photography to feel renewed.

Something that happened in this slow season, though, is my middle daughter has been having some scary health scares. I’ll update about this in another post. But every day, I find myself sitting on the floor while Sadie plays, listening to worship music, and just breathing. Thinking about what’s next for me, trying not to worry about her.

In the Quiet Time

This year, in the quiet time, God has placed upon my heart yet again a project started back in 2015 before my Sadie was born. You probably remember, I started Take Heart encouragement cards. Well, I decided to open an online Market called TK & Co. to sell my Take Heart cards that I design, LipSense, and Fine Art Photography.

First of all, it has really renewed my passion for photography and given me something to focus on! I’m not one to sit, rather I really love to be doing something. I brought back all of the designs I had before, however, I’m adding new hand-drawn designs that I am even more excited about. I hope to make a video soon showing the process of how each card is created.

What This Means For You

Because I am currently working on new designs, I would love to get some feedback from you on the old Take Heart designs. Hop on over to TK & Co. Market and request to join the group to view them and let me know what you think.

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