girlsmp-1 Disclaimer: Sadie Bug was a little sleepy in her carseat when I took this photo, so she didn’t make it in the picture… next time!


We didn’t have kids when we started our business almost 9 years ago. So to say our business has changed since we became parents is an understatement.

For those of you who don’t already know part of our story… Andrew and I found out we were expecting our first baby in January of 2009. Sadly, I miscarried that baby in the first trimester. Going through a miscarriage is heartbreaking, you have to go through the process of grieving a child you never got to meet. To help me work through my emotions, I focused all of my time and efforts on our business. This is actually how we made the big leap in signing out first studio space lease.

Scary, that’s all I can say about deciding to pay for a studio space that was essentially another mortgage payment. Then only two weeks after we opened our studio, in June of 2009, we found out we were pregnant again! And that my friends, is even more scary!

But God is so good, and he grew our business. It was able to support the studio space itself, plus provide income for us when we were no longer working at other jobs.

But we knew that having a studio space wasn’t going to be in the plans for us always. I think some people wonder why we aren’t in downtown Zeeland anymore, and the truth is as much as I enjoy looking at studio-type photos, they aren’t my favorite to take (unless it’s a wee little baby!) So our goal was to find a home with a large dedicated space for me to work, and also be with my girls.

Thankfully we have been in this home for over 2 years now. Being in a non-commercial space doesn’t mean too much difference for my clients – except the occasional 5 or 6 year old coming in to say hello to them! And my older girls are getting big enough to be a big help at special events we may be photographing. It’s been a joy to see our business grow and evolve just as much as our girls have.

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