This week has been hard.

Scratch that, this week has been very hard.

My precious little baby, who I used to hold for hours at a time suddenly stopped sleeping. On all accounts that would be considered sleep. No naps, waking 6+ times per night. Sadie = 4 … 6am Bootcamp = 0.

If you see a woman walking around aimlessly in Vriesland, resembling someone from The Walking Dead, (and no, I’m not talking about Maggie) it’s me.

Next to me you’ll see a 6 year old with so many tangles in her hair from swimming we gave up brushing it days ago, a 4 year old who’s just drawn all over herself with a red ink pen, and I’ll be holding a beyond-tired, squirmy 8 month old with cheerios stuck to her harms, crusty banana puree dried to her cheek all while she’s scratching at my face because she wants to get down and crawl.

And that last statement right there my friends is why it’s been a hard week… My baby is crawling. :'(

I’m sure you all are a bit over my “my baby this, and my baby that”. I’m a bit over it too… but why does each new thing just completely have to break your heart when it’s your last child?

And the nerve of this girl. Thinking she can go and start crawling around, leaving me. Scratching at me because I am OLD NEWS. She aint got time to be held by her momma or to even sleep for that matter. Girl is simply on the move.

So yes, it’s been a hard week indeed. But I’m praying it gets easier, and that my sweet little Sadie has mercy on me soon and decides to sleep again.

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Don’t mind my crummy photo, it’s a video still from my phone. Look at how happy she is though.

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