get them on the wall

PART 1 in how to showcase your photos.

You have invested time coordinating outfits, convincing your kids (and husband) to cooperate during the photo session, and time deciding on a photographer.

Your photo session was a success and you love your photos, now it’s time to pick out prints. For some, this can be a difficult task. For others, they know exactly what they want and go from there. One thing to remember when picking out wall art… go big or go home. You would be surprised just how many of my clients say they’d like to order a “big one” thinking that’s an 8×10. Gone are the days of an 8×10 being a “big print”.

As homes are getting larger, great rooms are getting greater, you really need to take this into consideration when ordering and hanging your family photos.

One of my favorite products are canvas gallery wraps. Don’t get me wrong, I still love frames prints. But I also love to see my work on canvas. Below you’ll see a few examples of canvas only clusters and canvas & print clusters. All of the photos below are from areas in our home.

Canvas gallery wraps in my office

You’d be surprised at how big you really do need to go with your canvas gallery wraps to make a BIG statement. Even with this one being 20×30 I know when we update our family pictures in a few months, I’ll be ordering a much larger one.

20×30 Canvas Gallery wrap paired with 2 12×12 prints.

Wall clusters with similiar frames all in B&W

take heart.


Over the last year or so I’ve really been expanding the design work I do for local businesses. I’ve had a design project in my head that I wanted to work on for a few months now, but just haven’t had the time. I actually have several projects that have been put in the “I’ll get to it in January” pile.

Well, it’s January! I’m so excited to announce take heart. an encouragement card line made to encourage sisters in Christ. This idea came to life mainly because I am a serial pinner of bible versus that warm my soul. So many times I’ve been discouraged, felt inadequate, or stressed and all of those feelings go away within a few minutes of reading The Word, praying, and giving it all to God.

Women are notorious for being hard on themselves, here is a simple way to lift up your friends and encourage your sisters in Christ.

take heart. be encouraged. feel hopeful. feel more confident. be brave.