The Sprick Family


The Sprick family is a very special family… you see, just a few short months ago, they brought their son Michael home to his forever family.

Many of you may know that Andrew and I are in the process of doing foster-to-adopt. I won’t go into too much detail with that in this post, but it’s important to why the Sprick’s session came about. Through the training that Andrew and I have done, gathering of information related to adoption, and time spent praying, I’ve come to realize just how special adoption is. Not just from the point of view of a mother gaining another child, but from that of the child being welcomed into the new home. I’ve spent time thinking how I will welcome our child… of course photos are so very important to me. I thought about how it may affect a child to see (or not see) themselves in the family photos that are on the walls of their new home. Because of this, we are now offering a free family lifestyle session to those who have recently adopted. If you or someone you know is walking this path, please have them contact me.

And now, some more photos of the Sprick’s. 🙂