Newborn Photos | Grand Rapids Photographer

Newborn Photos | Grand Rapids Photographer

I got to meet handsome little Keegan for his newborn photos! Being a Grand Rapids wedding photographer, we get to photograph not only weddings but newborns of our past wedding couples. This is by far one of my favorite things about being a photographer.

Little Keegan was one of my easiest newborns yet! He was zonked for his entire session, which definitely makes my job a lot easier.

Less is More

Capturing newborn photos used to be a bit intimidating to me, after all, newborns don’t really care what angle you want to photograph them in. And everything is done on their time. But after years of practice and trying different techniques, I’ve learned that less is more. SO much more. Keeping background changes to a minimum and outfit changes to the least amount possible (I generally prefer bare buns!) is that best way to achieve sweet photos of your babe.

Another tip I tell clients is to bring swaddling blankets or other fabrics that are from you home. This makes your photos more personalized to YOU.

If you are expecting a little one soon, I would love to capture those sweet rolls and tiny fingers. I offer in studio and lifestyle newborn sessions that can be pencilled in before your litle one arrives. View more of my work here.

newborn photos grand rapids photographer

Rosa – 3 months!


This sweetie is such a little peanut! Her momma and I have been friends for a long time and I was sooo excited to find out we were both expecting girls only a few weeks apart. You may remember seeing her newborn pictures on our facbook page back in January with the deep plum background. Well for this session, I brought along my 2 helpers Audyn & Sadie and my new favorite teal blanket/background. It definitely makes Miss Rosa’s bright blue eyes shine. 🙂

It seems like my last photo session is always my favorite, but I think this one will stay in my top 5 for awhile. Maybe it’s because I just love getting to see my friends become mommas.



Momma & Me Mini Sessions


Hey you!

Yes… you, right there.

You’re the one I’m talking to. The one who is so exhausted from the everyday life as a mom. You’ve been dropping off and picking kids up from school, covered in glitter from the school project that was due with 2 days notice, your dishwasher is full and your dryer has a heaping pile of clothes on top… unfortunately, you forgot 3 days ago if they were clean or dirty. Your brain hurts from the argument discussion with your 4 year old about how many bites they have to eat at dinner, and you may or may not have spit up on your shirt.

The very last thing that you want to do is get in front of a camera. I’m right there with you, trust me. All that listed above is my life, 3 kids, laundry, and spit up. But as we look ahead to Mothers Day– hey, May can’t come soon enough in my book! — we think about a gift that is not only something special for you, but that is a precious document for your children about their mom… who in their eyes… has it all together. Because you do.

Every hug, Eskimo kiss, tear wiped away, time spent coloring, the every day tasks of providing a safe and comfortable home for your children are all pieces of the amazing mom that you are.

I want you to step away from the chores and have your time in front of the camera with your kiddos. Photos with your children are truly the best gift that you could give them. A documented moment of a kiss or a squeeze from momma. <3

The Details

>> Mini session dates are as follows: March 26, April 16, & May 14
>> Locations TBD but will be within 10 miles of Holland/Zeeland
>> $40 deposit to reserve your spot
>> Photos will be ready within 7 days of your session
>> High-Resolution images w/ print release chosen will be emailed
>> All high-resolution images available to purchase for $150

Momma & Me Mini Sessions Include

>> 20 minute session
>> 2 high-resolution images with printing rights up to 8×10
>> 20% off your next regular family session package – to be used in 2016

And if you still aren’t convinced, please watch the video below…

three girls


I used to think that maybe, just maybe, our family was complete with two children. After the pregnancies I had suffered through, I didn’t think I could bare to be pregnant again. God had other plans for us though, and on Easter of last year we found out that we were expecting a tiny baby.

Once the sickness began, I prayed every day to fast forward and not be pregnant anymore. I cried “Why me? Why, why, why?” every day. Literally, a hundred times a day. Every time I threw up so many times I couldn’t see anymore. Every time Kenlie and Audyn watched me from the bathroom door while I crouched by the toilet, wondering if mommy was okay. I tried and I tried to hold it together as best as I could. But there were many days I couldn’t get out of bed. Many days I would go to the emergency room to get the much needed bags of fluid that would sustain my life and yours.

The guilt I felt for missing out on Kenlie’s last few days of preschool. How worried I was, as I sat in the ER just hours before her preschool graduation, unsure of if I would miss it. Finally giving in to the prescription medicine that was sure to make me feel somewhat better, but had the possibility of effecting your growth. Would it cause you to have heart defects? Without it, would I make it through the pregnancy? I so desperately needed to be a mommy to Kenlie and Audyn again. I needed to finish out the promises I had made to my clients. I needed to get better, so that you could grow.

With weeks of trying the right combination of medication, I would eventually start to have one good day thrown into the weeks of sickness. I could begin to go out with daddy and your sisters and do normal family things. I would usually pay the price for it the next day, taking my sickness back to square one. But I would treasure the time of feeling almost like a normal pregnant mommy.

For months I worried. How was this pregnancy going to effect my girls. All three of you. But now you are here. You have been with us for 12 weeks, and I can’t imagine life without you. Your big sisters love you to no end. And when they see you, they shine. I worried for so long, that my pregnancy would change who they are. And it might have. But YOU changed who they are. YOU have changed who we all are. A family of 5. A precious little baby, who loves to snuggle. Anytime you are upset, all I have to do is touch my cheek to yours and all is fine again.

In the long months of my most severe pregnancy, I never imagined the impact you would have on my heart. I’m so glad that God knew just what I needed. I’m so glad you are here.

Love, Mommy